Advanced Searching

The default behavior will actually search multiple fields, so it is quite possible to pull back a lot more results than you are looking for.  To counteract this, we have provided a way to specify exactly what you want to search for.  You can only search on certain criteria at the moment.  If you think there are more criteria needed, you may request the criteria, but that does not mean that you will be able to immediately search with the new criteria.

To find a bid by its ID:
"BidID:15" Or "BidID:15;"

To find a Bid on Multiple Criteria, you can separate Criteria with a semicolon:

"Title:RFB;HTML:Hay Wire" OR "Title:RFB;HTML:Hay"

The following Criteria are available to search:
BidID--The Unique Idnetifier of the Bid
Title--The title Given the Bid
Description--Usually a short description, pending on the buyer, but this will not excedd 1000 characters
HTML--This is the main body of a given procurement.  It usually has the most information save the attached files
Entity--This will allow you to search by entity.  Valid values are listed below:

  • Cherokee Nation
  • Cherokee Nation Entertainment
  • Cherokee Nation Industries
  • Cherokee Nation Home Health Services
  • Cherokee Nation Housing Authority
  • Cherokee Nation Businesses
  • Cherokee Nation Waste Management
  • Cherokee Nation Distributors
  • Cherokee Nation Red Wing LLC
  • Cherokee Nation Security and Defense LLC

Any spaces will be treated as AND in a search (eg "hay wire" will search where the words hay AND wire are both present, but they don't necessarily follow one another. )