Procurement #150429

RFB - Three Rivers Walking Trail (SEALED BID)
The Cherokee Nation is seeking sealed bids from qualified contractors to complete a walking trail project at 1001 S. 41st ST. E, Muskogee (Muskogee County), Oklahoma.
Interested parties are to provide bids to furnish all labor, quality control, materials, supplies, and supervision to complete the project. The project must be completed within 120 business days after Notice to Proceed issued by Cherokee Nation. The specifications and scope of work are available in the bid packet. The bid packet contains all necessary form documents. Interested parties are required acquaint themselves with the exact nature of the work to be performed. Site visits may be requested by contacting David Moore, (918) 525-2177, Jonathan Asbill, (918) 804-5044, or Kyle Helsley (918) 316-5328. SEALED BIDS MUST BE RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 14, 2022 BY 2:00 P.M. CT. A PUBLIC BID OPENING WILL BE HELD OCTOBER 14, 2022 AT 2:00 P.M. CT IN THE FINANCIAL RESOURCES BUILDING, 17665 S. MUSKOGEE AVENUE, TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA 74464 (SOCIAL DISTANCING AND MASKS MAY BE REQUIRED). Indian Preference applies to all Cherokee Nation requests for bids or proposals. To receive preference, bidder must be TERO certified through the Cherokee Nation Tribal Employment Rights Office; proof of certification must accompany submittals. Successful bidder will be obligated to comply with Tribal rules and regulations and TERO.
Name:shelly mcclain
Cherokee Nation

Bid Packet