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Bids for the Cherokee Nation Salina Replacement Clinic are being posted to this public bid website on behalf of the construction management firm, Crossland Construction. TERO Preference will apply to this project. All details are in included in a provided link.
Cherokee Nation is working in conjunction with Crossland Construction on the Salina Replacement Clinic Project. Bids will be accepted from Indian and non-Indian owned companies. To receive Indian Preference, the company must be certified with the Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO). The TERO Certification must be included in the bid submittal. All information is in the following link including the point of contact information at Crossland Construction for inquiries. Work included: Building Concrete, Masonry, Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Metals and Railings, Architectural Millwork, Roofing Systems, Joint Sealants & Waterproofing, Metal Panels, EIFS, Hollow Metal Door Assemblies-Supply, Wood Door Assemblies-Supply, Door Assemblies-Installation, Overhead Doors, Gypsum Assemblies & Ceiling System, Flooring & Wall Tile, Painting & Wallcoverings, Terrazzo Flooring, Specialties, Signage, Operable Partitions, Loading Dock Equipment, Window Treatments, Site Furnishings, Electric Pneumatic Lines, Conveying Systems, Fire Suppression, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Low Voltage & Communications, Nurse Paging/Call System, Fire Alarm, Access Control & Security, Earthwork, Site Concrete, Landscape, Plantings & Irrigation, Roof Paving System, Site Utilities and Storm Sewer & Drainage. See link below to Bid Package #2 (copy & paste in preferred browser), Construction Documents and Specifications. All questions should be directed to Eric Lopp at or Mason Mantle at SEALED BID SUBMITTAL DUE DATE EXTENDED TO 06/13/2023 @ 2:00 P.M. ADDENDUM POSTED FOR EXTENDED DUE DATE Please be advised that CM Addendum #2 has been issued for the Cherokee Nation Salina Health Clinic Bid Package #2. Bid date remains Tuesday, June 13th at 2pm. ADDENDUM 02 - SEE BELOW & ATTACHMENT - 06072023 See link below to CM Addendum #2 and all other bid documents. Please be advised that CM Addendum #3 has been issued for the Cherokee Nation Salina Health Clinic Bid Package #2. Bid date has been changed to Thursday, June 15th at 2pm. See link below to CM Addendum #3 and all other bid documents. Please be advised that Revision #1 has been issued for CM Addendum #4 Cherokee Nation-Salina Health Clinic Bid Package #2. Posted 06/14/2023 Bid date remains the same Thursday, June 15th at 2pm. See link below to CM Addendum #4 and all other bid documents. If you have any questions, please contact Mason Mantle 918-520-1375 or Eric Lopp 620-674-1755. Plumbing and HVAC bidders please see attached revised specifications adding approved suppliers. This is a result of the maintenance team reviewing the closed spec’s and wanting it to be open to other suppliers. We will be extending the bid time for Trade Contract 22A Plumbing and 23A HVAC until June 22nd at 2pm to allow additional time for the additional supplier to review the changes in the attached specifications. Please review and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I will get a revised bid form out to everyone first of next week as I would like a list of your suppliers and the lead times for equipment so we can evaluate the bids with the owner at opening. Thanks, Eric. Please see the narrative below of the changes made by HP engineering. One additional change not noted below but is acceptable is the use of Trane Control systems for specification 230923 Direct Digital Control System. • 230900 Instrumentation and Control for HVAC was replaced with 230923FL – Direct Digital Control (DDC) system for HVAC o Specification was changed to include to match Hastings and ensure open bid for controls. o LEED requirements were added in to match plans and ensure LEED control requirements are met. o Added manufacturers:  Alerton by Airetech, Carrier by Carrier Commercial Service, Johnson Controls Facility Explorer by Harrison Energy Partners, Schneider Electric by Automated Building Partners, Siemens by Powers of Oklahoma. • 230923.11 FL – Control Valves SD 011423 is a new spec. o Complimented the instrument controls specs. • 232500FL – HVAC Water Treatment o Added some clarification on water quality requirements. o RO water is in the specification but not required. • 236513.16 – Closed Circuit Forced draft cooling towers replaced with 236514.14- Open-circuit, counter flow cooling towers o Added manufacturers:  Delta (HDPE), Baltimore Aircoil Company. (Figerglass), Evapco Inc. (Fiberglass), Reymsa (Fiberglass), Marley (Fiberglass) o Removed maintenance material submittal as its not needed. o Removed Recirculation water distribution system as it covered pumps for hydronics which is covered in the 232123 Hydronics pumps section. • 236416 FL – Centrifugal Water Chiller o Added manufacturers:  Carrier Glogal Corporation, Daikin, Trane. o Removed maintenance material submittals. o Removed oil lubrication system. o Removed additional corrosion protection as it’s indoors. o Removed other motor controllers to ensure VFDs are used. o Finish was changed to manufacturers standard process to prevent unnecessarily strict tolerances that would prevent other manufacturers from bidding. • 237413 – Packaged Rooftop Heating and Cooling Units replaced with 237343.19 Custom Outdoor Air Handling Units o Approved Manufacturers:  Climate Craft, Haakon, Innovent, Temtrol – Nortek Air Solutions, Trane Custom o Added clarification for equipment connections and design to ensure performance is met but did not limit manufacturer selections. o UV light was included but not required. • 284400FL – Refrigerant Detection and Alarm o Added because code requirement for exhaust fans and intakes in mechanical room. Specifications attached. 230923 DDC controls 230923.11 Control Valves 232500 HVAC Water Treatment 236514 Cooling Towers 237343 Custom Outdoor Air Handling Units 284400 Refrigerant Detection and Alarm S COLLECTED & OPENED BY CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT COMPANY. ANY AWARD RESULTING FROM A BID WILL BE BETWEEN THE CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT COMPANY & AWARDED PARTY.
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