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Request for Bids: Tahlequah Head Start
Bids for the Cherokee Nation Tahlequah Head Start are being posted to this public bid website on behalf of the construction management firm, Thompson Construction. TERO Preference will apply to this project. All details are in included in a provided link.
Cherokee Nation is working in conjunction with Thompson Construction on the Tahlequah Head Start Project. Bids will be accepted from Indian and non-Indian owned companies. To receive Indian Preference, the company must be certified with the Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO). The TERO Certification must be included in the bid submittal. All information is in the following link including the point of contact information at Thompson Construction for inquiries. Please reference the below link for the project bid packages and scope description(s) Thompson has distributed. As stated, the bid due date will be 09/20/2023. Thompson Construction Contact Name: Dusty Sutton, email:, phone: (918) 496-1000 BID DUE DATE EXTENDED TO 09/25/2023 PER CONSTRUCTION MGMT REQUEST CM CLARIFICATION # 05 - Bid Phase # 02: Posted 09/19/2023 CM CLARIFICATION # 06 - Bid Phase # 02: Posted 09/21/2023 CM CLARIFICATION # 07 - Bid Phase # 02: Posted 09/21/2023 BIDS COLLECTED & OPENED BY CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT COMPANY. ANY AWARD RESULTING FROM A BID WILL BE BETWEEN THE CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT COMPANY & AWARDED PARTY.
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