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RFI- Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism Cherokee History Course
This Request for Information (RFI) seeks information that will help Cherokee Nation CED determine its requirements for a curriculum that will support and enhance the in-person and online Cherokee Nation history course.
CED seeks qualifications from qualified and experienced curriculum consultant to showcase experience in creating a comprehensive 10-12-hour online and in-person curriculum focusing on the history and governance of the Cherokee Nation. The overall goal is to create a curriculum based on the totality of Cherokee Nation history to include different audiences (school age, adult learners,) supplemental materials for teachers (guide for each module), design of online instruction, corresponding modules, aka courses that focus on the current textbook (module 1 corresponds with unit 1 and additional learnings), ensure all in-person learning resources mirror the modules and supplemental materials, consistent, and have materials live online for easy access during at-large teachings. The online modules will encompass various periods and facets of Cherokee history. They should be self-contained. A learner can choose to move through the course in a linear fashion or choose specific modules that interest them. Firm should demonstrate experience developing public history curriculum for both classroom and online learning. Firms should provide examples of past successful projects as they fit within the requirements of CED. Proposals should include a portfolio that is targeted at showcasing the ability to meet the needs of CED. Here is the timeline for this RFI (Central Standard Time): Deadline for Questions from Respondents: April 5, 2024 Deadline for the Buyer to answer questions: 4 pm CST April 12, 2024 Deadline for Responses 4 pm CST April 19, 2024 See document for details.
Name:Amy Eubanks
Cherokee Nation Businesses