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Solicitation 2024-001-053- #17 Individual 2,3, and 4 bedroom homes located in Delaware & Mayes County
** Interpretation/Clarification posted 6/10/24. *Pre Bid minutes posted 6-6-24* Construction of 17 (seventeen) individual 2, 3, and 4-Bedroom homes located in Delaware and Mayes County within the Cherokee Nation Reservation
The Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation is seeking bids from qualified contractors for the construction of 17 (Seventeen) detached single family units (2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4- bedroom) in Delaware and Mayes counties within the Cherokee Nation Reservation. HACN is posting all the homes together but, homes will be awarded individually (Per Unit). Contractor has the option to bid on as many home(s) as desired, you do not have to bid the entire county or packet. Interested parties are to provide bids to furnish all necessary labor, quality control, licenses, materials, equipment, tools, supplies, permits, insurance, and supervision to complete the entire project and to perform the work require thereof within the time specified after receipt of the “Notice to Proceed”. The entire project must be fully completed within 180 working days or $1,000.00 per working day will be charged to the contractor for each day that work continues beyond the contract end date. Contract extensions will only be allowed under extenuating circumstances. The Scope of Work and Specifications are available in the bid packet, along with all information and all necessary form documents.
Cherokee Nation Housing Authority


Site Information- Mayes

Site Information- Delaware

Previous Work History

Scope of Work

Wage Rates

Floor Plans 2BR w Garage

Floor Plans 3BR Gable

Floor Plans 3BR Hip

Floor Plans 4BR Hip

Floor Plans 4BR Gable

Pre Bid Minutes