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RFQ-Game Bases
Cherokee Nation Entertainment, a tribal corporation of the Cherokee Nation is seeking quotes for a 12-24 month commitment to provide game bases for all upcoming casino expansions including but not limited to Hard Rock Tulsa and Tahlequah.
Please provide a "per base" price based upon a minimum order of 800. Email or hand deliver proposals to or CNE's Catoosa Corporate office located at 1102 N 193rd E Ave, Catoosa, OK ATTN: Stephanie Shults no later than 3pm, Monday, Sept 10, 2018. Please provide front and back copy of TERO certificate to quality as a TERO Vendor. The minimum base requirements are as follows: •Metal Structure Construction – Can include wood exterior finishing on end panels. •Metal Bull Nose on Front of Base. •Game Mounting System on Top of Base (No Drilling Required for Standard Game Cabinets) •Metal Powder Coated Foot Rest **The Pricing provided in this bid shall also remain in effect for all conversions at all locations including Hard Rock, Ramona, Roland, S. Coffeyville, Tahlequah, Grove, Claremore, W. Siloam Springs to be converted as needed. *Project size and dates will be provided at a later time. The pricing provided in this bid shall also remain in effect for future CNE base projects, based on the approximate scope and timeline below. CNE’s goal is to enter into a master agreement with the winner of this bid, at the price point given, and the provider’s base to become the CNE standard base for future projects and replacements. *The Projects listed are NOT guaranteed in this bid, and will be subject to future projects and initiatives within the company. - 875 Bases within the Next 12 Months - 2000 Bases within the 18 – 24 Months (Inclusive of the 875). 3-4 week turn time on bases 1 week for parts ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS 1. Include a comprehensive list of equipment (individual line items) by location (identified by property name – as per the above) including separate quotes for the casinos and hotel properties using the bid form provided. In addition, your bid should take into consideration the infrastructure may be installed by a third party. 2. An installed price by location as well as a base only price. 3. Quote shall remain firm 60 days. All prices and bid materials are confidential. 4. At the time of award, the successful bidder will be required to work with CNE Accounting for payment. 5. CNE reserves the right to issue one award, multiple awards, or reject all bids. All quotes are subject to negotiation prior to award. Awards may be issued without discussion of quote received, and quotes should initially be submitted on the most favorable terms from a price and technical standpoint. 6. Any award resulting from this RFP will be subject to CNE Terms and Conditions (copy available upon request) 7. Your bid should indicate hourly rates (when applicable), individual work effort, delivery schedule, or time of completion. Any items noted which are not bid should be indicated, “NO BID”. 8. Any item(s) with exceptions, substitutions, exclusions, additions, or qualifications must be noted and clearly indicated on bid form. 9. This procurement is subject to Cherokee Nation Tribal Employment Rights Office (“TERO”) regulations that include a fee of ½ of 1% of total contract award and, if applicable, the completion of a TERO Labor Agreement and payment of associated fees. The successful bidder’s award will be published on the Cherokee Nation’s procurement website and their performance will be measured, recorded, and reported to the Cherokee Nation. The complete Act is available by contacting the TERO OFFICE at Tahlequah 918-453-5000. TERO bidders are required to provide a copy, front and back, of their TERO certificate with return bid(s) and failure to do so will result in such bidders not receiving the TERO preferences afforded TERO bidders under the CNE procurement and contracting policies and procedures. 10. One (1) signed copy of the CNE Non-Disclosure Agreement, a fully executed copy of which will be returned to the bidder. 11. BONDING NOTICE: CNE may require payment and performance bonds, however, qualified firms are encouraged to bid, regardless of bonding capability. 12. Vendor may be required to purchase CNGC license.
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Cherokee Nation Entertainment

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