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RFB - Interior Signage for the Hard Rock Expansion Project - CM CLARIFICATION #2
Cherokee Nation Entertainment (“Owner”) on behalf of Cooper Flintco acting as Construction Manager is accepting SEALED bids on MONDAY, October 22 2018, at 2:00PM CST for the Interior Signage package for Hard Rock Casino 4.
**CM CLARIFICATION #2, DATED 10/18/18, (CM CLARIFICATION #1 ISSUED AS PART OF CHANGE ORDER #2) IS FOR THE FOLLOWING: The following clarifications are to be included in the scope of work affected: Item #1 Reference Bid Package 10C & 11F – Please find the attached documents below for updated schedule with updated milestone and durations for Signage and Exterior Video Board. Item #2 Reference Bid Package 10C – Please reference attached RFI 204 for following updated/clarification information for the signage bid package: a. Updated Summary Page b. Revised quantities on summary sheet** **CHANGE ORDER #2, DATED 10/12/18, IS TO PROVIDE DOCUMENTATION FOR BULLETIN #20 WHICH ADDRESSES RFI #204; THIS DOCUMENT IS SHOWN UNDER THE DOCUMENTS SECTION OF THIS BID AND ALSO ON BOX AT THE LINK PREVIOUSLY PROVIDED** **CHANGE ORDER #1, DATED 10/11/18, IS TO ADD CM BID BOOK TO THE LIST OF DOCUMENTS AND TO CORRECT ORIGINAL DAY REFERENCED AS THE BID CLOSING DATE** Cherokee Nation Entertainment (“Owner”) on behalf of Cooper Flintco acting as Construction Manager is accepting SEALED bids on MONDAY, October 22 2018, at 2:00PM CST for the Interior Signage package for Hard Rock Casino 4. The Owner and Construction Manager will conduct a pre-bid conference at the Cooper Flintco Job Trailer located on the north side of the Hard Rock Casino in Catoosa, OK (777 W. Cherokee St.) for the purpose of review of the bidding documents, bidding procedures and to receive Bidders' questions. The pre-bid conference is scheduled for 1:00pm (CST) Monday, October 15,2018. All properly sealed and labeled bids should be sent by express delivery, regular mail or hand delivered to CNE’s Catoosa Corporate office at the following addresses. Please include a USB Drive with electronic copies of all bid documents: Express Delivery or Regular Mail Cherokee Nation Entertainment, LLC Attn: Tina Jones (Buyer IV) 777 Cherokee Street Catoosa, OK 74015 Hand Delivery Cherokee Nation Entertainment, LLC Corp. Building #3 Attn: Tina Jones (Buyer IV) 1102 N. 193rd East Ave. Catoosa, OK 74015 All bids are to be sealed and CLEARLY labeled by describing the project and indicating the package being bid, on the envelope as described in the Instructions to Bidders. A Bid Security, as stipulated in the bid documents, in the amount of 5% of the bid may be required to accompany the sealed proposal of each bidder if the amount of the bid exceeds $100,000. Please contact Lance Lewis with Flintco at (918) 710-3279 if you would like to set up a job walk prior to bid. All questions in regards to the bid, or documents, are to be submitted in writing via email to Tina Jones at; no verbal questions will be addressed. Copies of the bidding documents may be reviewed at Cherokee Nation One Stop Bid Center at the Cherokee Nation Tribal Headquarters in Tahlequah, OK. They will also be available for review at the Dodge Plan Room, Southwest Construction News and Bid News Construction Reports. Per Modification Bulletin No. 20 issued by the Architect on 9/24/18: This bulletin provides for the interior signage package for Hard Rock Casino 4. The attached Interior Signage Package provides for, but is not limited to, room signage, way finding signage, vinyl logo’s, and specialty signage. There are areas where the Owner will need to provide additional information. Additionally, this bulletin provides for the installation of the corner video board(s) at the entry element on the southeast corner of Casino 4. The bulletin provides the technical specification for the 6.67mm SMD Outside Display (base bid) and the 8mm SMD Outside Display (deduct alternate). The video board(s) will require dedicated power from the panels in Electrical Room (156) and dedicated fiber from the IDF (151). Structural modifications will be required for mounting. MEP and structural requirements will be issued via separate Bulletin. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS THE ONLY DOCUMENT INCLUDED WITH THE BID AT THIS PARTICULAR TIME, THE ACTUAL BID BOOK WILL BE ISSUED ON 10/10/18.
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