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Mechanical & Plumbing Peer Review & Systems Inspections
Sealed bids are being solicited by Cherokee Nation Businesses, LLC wholly-owned entity identified in the attached Scope of Services (“Company”) to provide Mechanical & Plumbing Third Party Peer Reviews & Systems Inspections for the WPM Expansion Proj. in Stilwell, OK
Sealed bids are being solicited by Cherokee Nation Businesses, L.L.C. or the Cherokee Nation Businesses, L.L.C. wholly-owned entity identified in the attached Scope of Services (“Company”) to provide Mechanical & Plumbing Third Party Peer Reviews & Systems Inspections for the Wilma P. Mankiller Expansion project located in Stilwell, OK. All proposals should be sent by express delivery, regular mail or hand delivery to Company’s Catoosa Corporate office at the following address, to be received no later than 2:00PM CST on Friday, January 31, 2020. IF BY EXPRESS DELIVER OR REGULAR MAIL Cherokee Nation Businesses, L.L.C. Attn: Tina Jones, Sr. Buyer 777 W. Cherokee Street Catoosa, Oklahoma 74015 IF BY HAND DELIVERY Cherokee Nation Businesses, L.L.C. Attn: Tina Jones, Sr. Buyer Corp. Building #3 1102 N. 193rd East Ave. Catoosa, OK 74015 The bidder must supply all the information required by the RFP Documents, hereinafter defined. Any proposal received more than ninety-six (96) hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, before the time set for the opening of proposals, or any proposal so received after the time set for opening of proposals, shall not be considered and shall be returned unopened to the proposing firm submitting same. The bidder must supply all the information required by the Contract Documents. BIDDERS MUST INCLUDE AN ELECTRONIC VERSION OF BID ON A USB THUMB DRIVE. PROJECT DESCRIPTION & SCOPE OF SERVICES CNPM (“Owner”) is requesting a proposal to secure an independent third party review consultant for the WPM Clinic located in Stilwell, Oklahoma (“Project”). The reviewer will serve in a capacity for CNPM (Owner) free of conflict from the design and construction activities of the project. The Owner is committed to have third party review for its facility to systematically optimize the building Structural systems so that they operate efficiently and effectively in accordance with the Owners Project Requirements and applicable laws and regulations, and that the facilities staff has adequate system documentation and training. It is the intent of the Owner to ensure that the fundamental systems are operating and installed as required to deliver functional and efficient performance. The third party reviewer will review, inspect, and report on the design and construction activities of the new clinic. The third party reviewer will submit deliverable reports to Owner according to a project schedule set by consulting team and agreed upon by Owner. The third party reviewer will contract with and perform services directly on behalf of the Owner. The project involves the demolition and reconstruction of a new 2 story Health Clinic in Stilwell, Oklahoma with an approximate total square footage of 81,000 square feet. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE THIRD PARTY REVIEWER The primary role of the third party reviewer is to develop, coordinate, and execute a design and construction review plan, review design documents, provide design comments and document construction of the facility in accordance with the Contract Documents and applicable laws and regulations. Responsibilities of the third party reviewer are as outlined below: 1) Document the Owner's criteria for the Structural systems function, performance. 2) Ensure compliance with the most current applicable state laws and regulations. 3) Review LEED commissioning specifications as applicable. 4) Verify and document compliance with Owner's criteria throughout the construction and determine whether systems are functioning in accordance with Contract Documents and applicable laws and regulations. 5) To be involved throughout the project from design, construction. 6) To provide documented confirmation that the facility fulfills the functional and performance requirements of the building Owner, occupants, operators and the design plans and specifications. 7) Ensure contractor provides complete operation and a maintenance (O&M) manual for the building operators, to ensure the building continues to operate as intended. 8) To be available for problem solving and/or resolution of non-conformance issues of deficiencies. The third party reviewer is not responsible for design concept, design criteria, compliance with codes, design or general construction scheduling, cost estimating, or construction management. SCOPE OF SERVICES The following is a list of anticipated services to be provided by the third party reviewer firm under this solicitation. If additional work is identified at any stage in this solicitation, the additional tasks will be defined in writing and agreed upon as amendments to the contract. Design Phase Services 1) Conduct a meeting to review design process with the Owner to develop a Design Review Plan. 2) Develop a Review Plan including but not limited to the following: a) Project description. b) Review Plan overview. c) HVAC and Plumbing systems list and level of rigor for each system. d) Design and construction stakeholder’s data and organizational responsibility matrix. e) Identification of stakeholders: Architect/Engineer, Owner's O&M staff, Owner's Project Managers, Construction Managers and the LEED Commissioning Agent. f) Specific responsibilities of each stakeholder. g) Define the commissioning roles and lines of communication for each member of the project team. h) Scope to include design checklists, functional testing requirements, final documentation checklists and Owner training verification. 3) The Third Party shall provide review of the design for the HVAC and plumbing systems, installation and operation, including but not limited to the following: a) Central building automation systems. b) All heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. c) Domestic cold and hot water plumbing systems. d) Medical gas piping, vacuum piping, steam piping and generation, and fuel piping. f) Coordination with civil engineering documents. 4) The third party reviewer will perform a focused review of design development, 65% CDs, 90% CD design documents. The third party will review the final (100%) CD’s with a back check of the review comments in the subsequent design submissions. The established Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) and Basis of Design Document (BOD) documents provide the basis for the design review. In addition to reviewing the design for compliance with the OPR and BOD, the third party reviewer will assess the design for proper function, ability to be constructed and completeness. 5) The third party reviewer will provide the design review comments in a keyed note matrix format corresponding to specific drawing references where applicable. The design team will respond in the same format. A meeting will be scheduled with the Owner, design team and third party reviewer to discuss the final disposition of the review comments. A timeframe for inclusion of all comments agreed to shall be established to ensure revisions are incorporated in following submissions. Prior to this process, the OPR and BOD must be completed by the LEED Commissioning Agent. The Owner is the final design making authority, including acceptance of any review comments into the design. 6) The third party reviewer will review specifications for all necessary requirements for proper construction of building HVAC and plumbing systems. 7) The third party reviewer will work with the design team to coordinate the general/technical specifications. Construction Phase Services: 1) The third party reviewer will participate in the construction review kick-off meeting. 2) The third party reviewer will participate in meetings throughout construction to plan site visits, coordinate and work with CM and other applicable contractors to schedule construction review related activities and resolve problems. The third party reviewer will prepare a report which is typically a weekly report generated to identify the project progress as it relates to the third party review. The report shall include a summary of current issues being tracked. The third party report shall be distributed to the Owner, design team, and responsible contractors, when applicable, at progress meetings. The report will identify and track the corrective action of deficiencies identified by the third party. 3) The third party reviewer will review and comment on the equipment and system shop drawing submittals for systems concurrent with the reviews by the designers. 4) The third party reviewer will perform weekly site visits to observe component and systems. 5) The third party reviewer will document construction deficiencies related to building HVAC and plumbing each week. Items will remain in the report until corrected. Post Construction Phase Services 1) The third party reviewer will conduct a single ten month on-site review of HVAC and plumbing systems for the entire facility. The purpose of the tenth month follow up is to identify items that should be corrected under warranty at no cost to the owner. 2) The third party reviewer will produce a final report for items to be addressed under warranty phase. 3) The third party reviewer will perform a warranty follow-up site visit to insure that all warranty items have been addressed. STRUCTURE OF THE RFP SUBMITTAL Three copies of the responses are due. Each response should contain the following information: Letter of Commitment: Indicate your firm's commitment to the project, familiarity with casino facilities, its project and its commissioning needs and how your firm will meet or exceed all expectations. Firm History: Submit a brief history of the firm and explain the firm's ownership. If a joint venture for services is proposed, a brief history of both firms is required. Joint Venture: Clearly indicate if services will be provided solely by the firm responding or if there is a joint venture/partnership/subcontractor is providing the services. Explain how the work load will be distributed and if firms have had past experience working together. Provide project information on which firms participated together. The owner will have final approval over proposed joint ventures/partnerships/subcontractors. Firm's Capacity: Provide information indicating the capacity of the office that will provide the service. Provide the number of professional staff members your office employs. Experience: List the projects that your firm has been involved in the last five years (no more than 10 projects). It is preferable that firms have Cherokee Nation experience. List the project name, location, size, cost, duration of project, project delivery method (i.e. Design/Bid/Build, Design/Build, Construction Management at Risk, etc.), systems commissioned and a brief description of the work. Provide the contact/reference information of the specific individuals from the Owner, the Architect, and the Construction Manager that worked with your team through the project. Project Team: Identify the project principal, the project manager, and key staff who will be involved on this project team. Describe how the team's qualifications and experience relate to the specific project. Include resumes of staff to be assigned to the project and a statement regarding availability of staff to support the project Hourly Rate Sheet: Provide an hourly rate sheet for all project team members. Rate sheet will be evaluated to ensure fair industry standard rates against competing firms. Per Trip Charge estimate: Provide a per trip charge for additional services as requested by owner. Per trip charge should be based off of hourly rate sheet per man to and from site. All additional services must be approved in writing by owner before initiated. Indian Preference: Cherokee preference and Indian preference will be given to those firms certified as Cherokee-owned and other Indian-owned by the Cherokee Nation Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO), P.O. Box 948, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, 74464 (918-453-5000). Proof of current certification must accompany all submittals. To receive points during the evaluation process for Indian preference, the firm must demonstrate they will control, direct and perform a minimum of 51% of the Scope of Services outlined in this RFP and the final Contract document. Further Qualifications: Provide information indicating your firm has personnel assigned to this project that meet as many of the following requirements as possible: a) Recent extensive experience in analyzing constructability and trouble-shooting design specifications of Structural systems. b) Extensive field experience with casino facilities c) Knowledgeable in national building and fire codes. d) Recent experience in inspecting construction/installation is in compliance with approved design documents and submittals. e) Experienced in energy-efficient design processes. f) Direct experience in monitoring and analyzing shop drawings of system components for constructability. Please note that winning bid(s) will be published. Cherokee Nation Businesses, LLC (“CNB”) reserves the right to issue one award, multiple awards, or reject all bids; any award is subject to the approval of the required funds. Responding bidders are not allowed to withdraw their bid for a period of 90 days after submittal. At the time of award, the successful bidder(s) will be required to work with the Cherokee Nation Businesses, LLC Accounting department to discuss account coding for invoices. All bids are subject to negotiation prior to award. Awards may be issued without discussion of bid received, and bids should initially be submitted on the most favorable terms from a price and technical standpoint. Any award resulting from this RFP will be subject to CNB Terms and Conditions. Your bid should indicate hourly ($) rate (when applicable), individual work effort, delivery schedule or time of completion. Any item(s) with exceptions, substitutions, exclusions, additions or qualifications must be noted and clearly indicated on return bid. Any request for information concerning bid posting is to be submitted in writing via email to Buyer listed; no verbal communication is to be initiated. In accordance with Cherokee Nation Law, , 28 C.N.C.A. §20 no contractors or subcontractors of any Cherokee Nation entity may contract with any business owned by a first degree relative of any elected official of the Cherokee Nation. TRIBAL EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS OFFICE - This procurement is subject to Cherokee Nation Tribal Employment Rights Office (“TERO”) regulations that include a fee of ½ of 1% of total contract award and, if applicable, the completion of a TERO Labor Agreement and payment of associated fees. The successful bidder’s award will be published on the Cherokee Nation’s procurement website and their performance will also be measured, recorded, and reported to the Cherokee Nation. The complete Act is available by contacting the TERO OFFICE at Tahlequah 918-453-5000. TERO bidders are required to provide a copy, front and back, of their TERO certificate with return bid(s) and failure to do so will result in such bidders not receiving the TERO preferences afforded TERO bidders under the CNE procurement and contracting policies and procedures. BONDING NOTICE - CNB generally requires payment and performance bonds for all construction contracts in excess of $100,000. However, qualified TERO-certified firms are encouraged to bid, regardless of bonding capability. INSURANCE - CNB generally requires Worker’s Compensation, Commercial and/or Comprehensive General Liability, and Automobile insurance for all awarded bids. Please refer to the Bid Documents for the specific coverages required for this bid. DEBARMENT - By submitting a response to this Request for Proposal, the Contractor certifies to the best of their knowledge and belief that the Subcontractor, the firm, or any of its principals are not presently debarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment by any federal, state, local or tribal entity. This certification is a material representation of fact upon which reliance was placed when making award. If it is later determined the Subcontractor rendered an erroneous certification, in addition to other remedies available to CNB or its entities, CNB may terminate the contract resulting from this Request for Proposal for default.
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