Procurement Listing

Id Title Description OpenDate CloseDate Status
150686 RFP - Consultant Program Evaluation ( Attention: Addendum 1 posted on 1/12/2023) Cherokee Nation is seeking services from a consultant to provide a program evaluation for the WIC Economic Support Program, a program providing economic support payments to women entering the program for up to 18 months, as well as financial education. 01/03/2023 01/19/2023 Active
150687 RFB - Security Film/Veteran's Center Remodel The Cherokee Nation is accepting bids from interested parties for providing security film to the Cherokee Nation Veteran’s Center located in Cherokee County. To schedule a pre-bid site visit, please contact David Moore at 918-525-2177. ADDENDUM 01 ATTA... 01/03/2023 01/19/2023 Archive
150688 RFP: Janitorial Services for Tahlequah Child Development Center-Admin Wing The Nation is seeking proposals from qualified parties to provide janitorial services at the Tahlequah Child Care Administrative Wing. Proposals will be accepted from Indian and non-Indian companies. Bid Close Date: January 27, 2020 @ 5:00pm Mandat... 01/03/2023 01/27/2023 Archive
150689 Solicitation A10-12-23-6625-Housing Rehab Repairs-Delaware County Rehab repairs include CARPENTRY, DRYWALL & FINISH, ELECTRICAL, FLOORING, PAINT & FINISH, PLUMBING. 01/04/2023 01/10/2023 Archive
150690 Solicitation A10-12-23-6624-Housing Rehab Repairs-Sequoyah County Rehab repairs include ROOFING. 01/04/2023 01/09/2023 Archive
150691 Solicitation A10-12-23-6623-Housing Rehab Repairs-McIntosh County Rehab repairs include APPLIANCES, CARPENTRY, DRYWALL & FINISH, ELECTRICAL, FLOORING, PLUMBING, THERMAL PROTECTION. 01/04/2023 01/10/2023 Archive
150692 Solicitation A10-08-22-6437-Rebid 2-Revision-Housing Rehab Repairs-Sequoyah County Rehab repairs include Carpentry, Demolition, Drywall & Finish, Flooring, Paint & Finish, and Plumbing. 01/04/2023 01/10/2023 Archive
150693 RFP 2023-001-015 - Cloud Base Cost Estimating Solution BIDS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 17TH, 2023, AT 5:00 P.M. 02/02/2023 02/17/2023 Active
150695 Solicitation A10-05-22-6242-Revised-Housing Rehab Repairs-Sequoyah County Rehab repairs include Carpentry, Windows, Electrical Work, Sheetmetal & Gutters & Site Work. 01/05/2023 01/11/2023 Archive
150696 Solicitation A10-12-23-6629-Housing Rehab Repairs-Sequoyah County Rehab repairs include Carpentry, Window Replacement, Flooring, HVAC Ductwork, Plumbing, Roofing, Gutters & French Drain. 01/05/2023 01/11/2023 Archive