Procurement Listing


Id Title Description OpenDate CloseDate Status
149519 RFP - HEALTH RECORDS SCANNING The Cherokee Nation is seeking sealed proposals from qualified companies with knowledge and previous experience scanning medical records for organizations similar in scope and size. Interested parties are to provide a sealed proposal for the entire proje... 11/12/2021 12/10/2021 Active
149518 Solicitation A10-11-22-5875- Housing Rehab Repairs - Cherokee County Rehab repairs include Carpentry, Drywall & Finish, Flooring, HVAC, Paint & Finish, Plumbing and Roofing. 11/12/2021 11/19/2021 Active
149516 Solicitation A10-11-22-5874 - Housing Rehab Repairs - Washington County Rehab repairs include Electrical and HVAC. 11/12/2021 11/19/2021 Active
149515 Solicitation A10-11-22-5864 - Housing Rehab Repairs - Tulsa County Rehab repairs include Roofing. 11/12/2021 11/18/2021 Archive
149514 Solicitation A10-11-21-5871 - Housing Rehab Repairs - Muskogee County Rehab repairs include Carpentry, Flooring and Roofing. 11/12/2021 11/18/2021 Active
149513 RFB - One (1) 3/4 Ton Truck The Cherokee Nation is accepting bids from interested parties for a 2021 or 2022 one (1) ¾ ton truck. The delivery site is Cherokee Nation Main Warehouse at 22361 S. Bald Hill Road, Tahlequah, OK 74464. NO BIDS RECEIVED - EXTENDED UNTIL TUESDAY, NOVEMB... 11/12/2021 11/30/2021 Active
149512 RFB - Conex Box (Shipping Container) The Cherokee Nation is accepting bids from interested parties for a shipping container to be delivered and placed at Sallisaw OK Hunting & Fishing Preserve location (map attached). 11/12/2021 11/22/2021 Active
149511 RFP Ballistic Shields UPDATED SPECS Cherokee Nation Entertainment, LLC, (CNE), a wholly owned tribal company of the Cherokee Nation is seeking qualified bids ballistic shields. BIDS are to be returned to the Buyer Courtnie Dallas no later than Wednesday 11/17/2021 at 9:00AM. 11/11/2021 11/17/2021 Active
149510 RFP CNAD211103-0000 for SOLICITATION # CNADPRYWJCO-21-0000 CNAD requires the bed of its water jet to cleaned of the solids contained within. Machine is located at 2777 Highway 69-A, Pryor, OK 74361. This is also the address where the Mandatory On-Site Bidder's Meeting will be held. 11/10/2021 12/08/2021 Active
149509 Precentative Maintenance-Semi Tractors for Food Distribution The Cherokee Nation is accepting bids from interested parties for Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Repairs of Semi Tractors for Tahlequah Food Distribution. Bid Close Date: 11/19/2021 @ 5:00pm 11/10/2021 11/19/2021 Active